One of the headlining visits on Local Media Association’s Digital Subscriptions/Consumer Revenue Innovation Mission to New York City on Nov. 12-14 will be to The Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ has built an industry reputation for pioneering ideas and strategies in the digital subscription space. During this visit, attendees will learn how The Journal continues to innovate, including introducing the idea of “propensity modeling” to pinpoint likely customers.

To get you ready for the visit to The Journal, we’ve rounded up some great reading on what they are doing with digital subscriptions:

INMA: The six steps in the Wall Street Journal’s digital subscription model

The Journal had two major focuses that were highlighted in this article: The capability to adjust the paywall based on a visitor and create a personalized experience that would allow The Journal to know if someone was a subscriber or a non subscriber when they were greeted with the paywall. Read INMA’s story and the six steps The Journal focuses on.

NIEMAN LAB: Wall Street Journal’s paywall is bending to the individual reader

This story focuses on The Journal’s work to get non-subscribers to sample their stories. It’s all part of a goal to allow different readers different levels of access. Read the story here. 

THE DRUM: Wall Street Journal paywall decides when readers are ready to subscribe

This Q&A with both The Journal’s general manager of membership, subscriptions sales and analytics manger goes deep on their approach for an adaptive paywall. Read the story here.

DIGIDAY: Papers jumping on marketers taking advertising in-house

This piece mainly focuses on The New York Times’ efforts to move its media buying in house but does note that the Journal has done its own media buying for some time and the values its getting by doing that. Read the story here.