With September here, make sure your content calendars are filled with stories like the anniversary of Sept. 11 and a primer getting your readers ready for Fall TV and football.

Here are seven ideas:

1. Football rule changes

There are rule changes in the college and pro game that your audience needs to know about. SB Nation does a nice job outlining them for college football and SI.com explains what changes are coming to the NFL. An explainer would be valuable for your audience. And while your high school football season has likely already started, you could tack on anything at that level that is different, too.

2. What to watch on TV

What TV shows are premiering this Fall on network TV and Netflix? Here’s a good list example. For football fans, list the biggest games in September either in your state or across the country. Here’s a good example of a list that previewed the kick off to college football weekend.

3. Tell your audience where they can cheer their team on

Whether college football or pro, create a list of the best places to cheer your favorite team on. And when the MLB Playoffs arrive, do the same if your team makes it.

4. Remembering Sept. 11

It’s a story that should always be on your calendar. Newspapers could rewind by showing their front pages over the years on how they covered the anniversary of 9/11. And this USA TODAY column that ran on the 10th anniversary did a nice job explaining to their audience what it was like covering the events in a newsroom. You can also go into the classroom and find out how it’s being positioned in history books. Here’s a look at what materials are provided for teachers.

5. Get gardening

On a lighter front, September is a time in many parts of the country that people plant for onions and broccoli. Bring a local gardening expert in to help plan out your audiences’ Fall gardening.

6. So many specialty days

Did you know September is National Drink Beer Day? And Grandparents Day and National Newspaper Carrier Day? Keep a calendar like this around so you can ensure that you are active on social media for relevant specialty days.

7. Biggest events in the Fall

Round up a list that profiles the biggest events either in September or in the Fall. It can serve as a great resource for readers. Here’s an example from the Denver Post featuring 15 great events.