In an effort to provide the industry with insights into emerging trends and new business models, the Local Media Innovation Index has been established. The Local Media Association has assembled a panel of 85 senior-level executives that are charged with growing digital revenue and/or audience at their local media company, who will take part in this effort.

The panel represents a diverse mix of large and medium-size local media companies including many of the top 25 in North America.

Our first report focused on the opportunity in audio and our second report looked at the future of digital marketing services. Our third report looked at digital subscriptions and consumer revenue models.

August Innovation Index Report: User Experience

The August survey focused on User experience (“UX”), a hot topic in the industry, with cross-functional impact on audience development, consumer marketing, ad strategy, revenue optimization, and more. More local media companies are concentrating on UX internally and paying more attention to the numerous positive effects that a delightful experience can yield. But there’s clearly more work to be done with page loads still too slow to load and advertising experiences that are poor.

Here are 8 numbers that you should pay attention to from our report:

48: More than half the respondents rated the user experience at their own digital properties as Fair or Poor, with just 48% rating their properties as Good.

57: That’s the number of respondents who agreed that “user experience is a topic of conversation, but struggles to be prioritized with all the other priorities the company has.” 

65: The percentage of media companies that do not capture user feedback as it relates to their UX decision making. 

18: The percentage of respondents who reported doing A/B Testing of their UX on a regular basis. 

29: The percentage of respondents who said their digital properties had too many ads.

37: Percentage that said they would prefer to have fewer ads, but could not handle the revenue loss. 

48: Percentage of respondents agreed that “We are struggling to balance creating new placements for advertisers while respecting user experience.” 

36: Percentage that said customer experience is a priority at their company.