3 questions about the LMA’s new Social Media Club: Q&A with Emilie Lutostanski, Director of the Local Media Resource Center 

Social media can be an exciting and challenging tool for news publishers. The Social Media Club is a space where likeminded peers can discuss the latest product updates, audience-building trends and engagement strategies. The club kicks off in early December with 30 members in company roles such as social media manager, engagement editor and director of audience development. Emilie Lutostanski, director of the Local Media Resource Center and moderator of the Social Media Club, explains the formation of the club and why members are excited to get involved.  

Why is LMA creating a Social Media Club?  

The Social Media Club along with the Local Media Resource Center are funded by the Facebook Journalism Project. The purpose of the club is to connect local media not only with the education and support they need to reach newsroom goals, but also with one another for more networking, coaching and learning opportunities.  Social media is vital to engaging the audience, finding stories, and referring traffic, so collaboration between LMA and Facebook is invaluable to the media organizations we serve.  

What will be covered in the Social Media Club?  

Topics discussed at monthly video call meetings will be based on the needs of group members, their questions and challenges, as well as any new product updates or rollouts that are pertinent to newsrooms. Each meeting we will learn from experts and one another about successful initiatives and interesting research. Club members will be first to hear about upcoming reports from the Local Media Resource Center and get first-hand training for new tools. Between monthly calls we’ll keep the discussion going in our own Facebook group.  

What is the value of the Social Media Club?  

Members are split into two groups based on social media sophistication and company size. Because every call concludes with action items, members can return to their newsrooms with new ideas, workable solutions, and proven strategies that heighten audience engagement and meet company goals. This valuable service designed especially for newsrooms is modeled after the highly successful Chief Digital Club, which is focused intensely on revenue. With the Social Media Club, I hope to inspire more creativity and productive dialogue around social media.

Learn more about the social media club here.

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