Every year, news organizations cover Black Friday by featuring the long lines, talking with shoppers and hearing from local shops on their outlook on holiday sales.

This year, add a little creativity and fun to your coverage with these ideas we’ve rounded up:

1. Get readers ready for deals and store hours

From a local FOX station, this guide helps readers know about the best deals in their community as well as store hours. Really, each could be a separate story.

2. Don’t be shy about screaming that you have deals

This post from Freep.com tells readers where — and when — people can find their newspaper that is filled with local ads and what kind of ads they will feature.

3. When do the ads come out?

This is a good story to do where you could help your audience discover when ads are coming out (early editions, online, in store?)

4. Are there gifts to avoid buying before Black Friday?

If there is a big Black Friday sale coming, help your audience know so they don’t buy that gift in advance. PCmag does a nice job outlining those.

5. Avoid social media scams

There are many scams out there, especially on social media. Tell your audience what to look at for around Black Friday sales.

6. Share the history of Black Friday and/or make a quiz

This Atlantic piece does a nice job explaining how Black Friday got its name and the history around the day.

7. Have reporters share what it’s really like to cover  Black Friday

This video from a reporter having to get up bright and early and discover there was no one waiting in line, is pretty funny. But going behind the hood and showing what it’s like to cover Black Friday could make for an interesting story. Share how you pick the stores, what time you get there and how you find customers to talk with.