The Local News Resource Center launched in 2018. It’s a partnership with Facebook, Instagram, and CrowdTangle, offering training and personalized meetings to help local media organizations heighten reach and engagement on social media.

There are tons of ways newsrooms can get benefit from this new center, including one-on-one calls and emails, webinars, and a monthly newsletter.

News organizations will be able to discover smart tactics and useful tools that simplify social media through the resources of the center.

We’ve outlined three ways you can take advantage of the center:

1. Strategic guidance: You’ll benefit from brainstorming, and connections to peer mentors on the most critical social media challenges and opportunities today. We’ll help answer questions like, “How do I improve reach and engagement on social media?” We’ll do this through services like consultations with director of the center, Emilie Lutostanski, as well as training opportunities from social media leaders who understand local news engagement.

2. Industry insights: You’ll gain insights and tips you can use in your job through regular publishing of case studies, white papers, and blog posts and the sharing of relevant third-party research, which will be available on the LMA site and via updates in the Local News Resource Center newsletter.

3. Bug support and product feedback loop to Facebook: Bugs and tech issues with Facebook can be sent to the director of the center; she’ll connect members with the right resources to help solve the issue. Users can also send a note about a desired feature or access to new products, and that will be communicated back to Facebook.

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