The Digital Revenue Summit, one of the industry’s more unique conferences, promises to offer terrific strategies and ideas for those seeking to help grow local digital business profitably.

Here are six things you will take away from the conference:

1. The growth of OTT and connected TVs

TV stations have been — and continue to be — running fast to what is truly one of the hottest opportunities: OTT and Connected TVs. There will be an interactive workshop where experts like Brian Page, Senior Director, Digital Revenue Products, E.W. Scripps; Mike Braun, SVP Digital Media, Gray Television; Shaun Fogarty, General Manager – Digital, Virginia Media; and Brian Hunt, head of OTT/CTV Advertising Sales, Sinclair Broadcast Group. These guests will share what they are learning and doing.

2. What’s happening with consumer revenue models

The publishing industry is pushing incredibly hard down a reader-revenue path and some of the more successful approaches will be presented in our lead-off session. You’ll hear about successes, strategies and operational secrets to making it all work. 

3. Where digital revenue growth is coming from

Digital revenue growth is critical but also very difficult. In a session on the topic, experts like Catherine Badalamente, VP Digital, Graham Media Group; Joe Weir, VP, Cox Media Group, and Matt Chamberlin, Executive Director, Client Strategies and Business Initiatives, Hubbard Radio/2060 Digital, will all share what they are doing that is moving the needle. You’ll learn about their playbooks, their secrets to success and more.

4. How to recruit passive candidates

One of the industry’s top experts when it comes to recruiting — Laurie Kahn, Founder and CEO, Media Staffing Network — will discuss how to build and work a talent pipeline. In this session, attendees will gain valuable tips on working passive prospects vs. active job seekers. 

5. Leave with big ideas

The conference will provide tons of takeaways from the many award winners who will present. But there also will be a session that specifically will focus on big ideas where you’ll hear from some of the industry’s biggest thinkers like Chris Hendricks, President, Local Media Consortium and Eric Bright, VP of E-Commerce, Deseret Digital.

6. How to Improve Your Branded Content Strategy

Thanks to a $1 Million investment from the Facebook Journalism Project, LMA and LMC are co-managing a branded content program. One of the sessions will share some best practices from the seven alpha partners who were chosen to participate in the first round. Julia Campbell, the project manager, will host this session.

You can see the schedule and register for the Digital Revenue Summit here.