Some of our R&D partners are hosting lunch roundtables at a hotel restaurant to share some of their work/updates. Check out the list of companies below:

Lineup Systems provides the world’s #1 media sales solution, Adpoint, that empowers media businesses to maximize lineuprevenue and optimize business performance. Adpoint is a web-based solution with CRM, booking, finance, and analytical tools built specifically for multichannel media companies

Matrix Solutions makes media happen by helping media companies to better monetize their content.
Their flagship product, Monarch, is the only global ad sales platform built for media – transforming chaotic data into actionable sales information that delivers the insights necessary for prospecting, managing, evaluating and closing business. The company manages more than $13 billion in media ad revenue, offering its best-in-class analytics, sales intelligence, media-specific CRM and sales tools to more than 10,000 media sellers to more efficiently manage their workflow.


The Uberall Location Marketing Cloud is a leading Location Marketing solution, that enables you to easily build new lines of recurring revenue in your agency by offering your clients a single, powerful point of control over their entire digital brand. Uberall helps you manage client presence, reputation and interactions in real time —using powerful micromoments to connect with consumers across all mobile, voice, and desktop platforms—including websites, store locators, search engines, maps, GPS, social platforms, and apps. Founded in 2013, Uberall’s Location Marketing Cloud is widely used by channel partners and clients all over the world, leveraging the latest technology in listings and reputation management, locator-as-a-service, and personalized geo-targeted advertising. The cloud-based platform includes products such as Control Center, Listings, Engage, Locator + Pages, and Ads.