Since the end of 2018, the Social Media Club has met in two groups to discuss the ongoing challenges and opportunities at the intersection of local news and social media.

The Social Media Club welcomes members from diverse backgrounds across the local news landscape — from print to radio and broadcast, small-town private publishers to large-scale media giants. Roles include social media manager, digital editor, audience development director, and many others that rely on a deep knowledge of social media platforms and best practices.

Here’s what Wendy Gatlin, social media manager for WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., has to say about participating in Social Media Club.

“I’ve really enjoyed connecting with others that are experiencing some of the same digital challenges we are in the WRAL-TV newsroom. Emilie has made everyone feel like they have a say in what we discuss, whether it be a poll on Facebook, or a SurveyMonkey survey, it’s nice to feel like we are helping orchestrate what we will be learning,” she said. “Having those 2,000-ft.-level conversations and ideations has opened my eyes to some new and different processes.”

Funded by the Facebook Journalism Project through the Local News Resource Center, the LMA Social Media Club invites experts and industry leaders to share experiences and spark ideas. Club members get an inside look at training, use cases, research and platform tools that, in turn, help them make informed decisions about social media strategies and opportunities. Some of the topics covered in Social Media Club since its inception include:

  • What’s next for social video
  • Media law on social media
  • Fostering social-savvy and digital-first newsrooms
  • Building ethical social media policies
  • Social analytics and competitive intelligence
  • Instagram for local news

We offer ongoing dialogue outside of one-on-one conversations and monthly webinars through the LMA Social Media Club Facebook group. In addition, the Local News Resource Center has produced case studies and helpful resources for members and those seeking social media support and solutions.

Connect with Local News Resource Center, learn more about the Social Media Club, and apply to join the club today!