Father’s Day is less than a week away, but there is still time to write compelling content and offer contests and call-to-actions that are sure to get your audience sharing.

We’ve rounded up a few ideas you could do in the coming days that celebrate good ole Dad.

1. Travel with dad: Offer your audience a list of places that are perfect for dads. Make it regional since while there’s still time to plan before Father’s Day. Here’s a good example from The New York Times. And here’s one from Town and Country Magazine.

2. Dad jokes: We all loves dad jokes, right? Why not ask your audience to share their favorite — or worst — dad jokes and then share one a day on your social media account leading up to Father’s Day. 

3. A gift guide by price point: This NY Times guide does a nice job offering ideas from $15 to $475. You could also do your guide by product types, like technology or barbecue gadgets. 

4. A guide for a team: If you live in a place that has a major following for a pro or college team, consider doing what all of the pro teams are doing and create a guide for the ultimate fan of a specific team. Here is an example from the Philadelphia Eagles.

5. What Dad means in words: Asking readers to share what their dad means to them in a short essay is a nice idea. Being able to feature those responses — or the best of them — on Father’s Day is a nice treat. 

6. Favorite Father’s Day moments: There are a lot of great Father’s Day videos with all the feels. Ask your audience to vote on or share their favorite or ask them to create their own video about what their dad means to them.

7. The things we love about dads: Ask your audience to share some of the qualities they love about dads and then compile those into a story.

8. How to cope: For a bunch of different reasons, Father’s Day can be hard. This story does a nice job going through different reasons and offers advice. This is a nice story to do especially if you can find a local expert.

9. Things to do with dad: If there are local events for Father’s Day, create a list for them like the Mercury News did. But also consider lists around where to eat and potentially offer up the best deals and discounts.

10. Dad is ____: On social media ask readers to fill in the blank with something about dad like “Dad means _____ to me.” Or “Dad is simply _____.”

11. Dad lookalike contest: Ask your audience to share photos of dads and sons who look like each other. You could also encourage people to have their kids draw what their dad looks like.