The list of offerings can go on and on when it comes to what to offer clients through your digital marketing services.

At the upcoming Selling Digital Marketing Services Conference sponsored by the Local Media Association and Borrell Associates, we’ll jump into how to prioritize digital marketing services.

Jason Holmes, Founder and CEO of ThriveFuel, will talk about how his company ensures clients get appropriate value for their money and how they prioritize these services for specific vertical business categories.

We caught up with Holmes to hear more about what’s happening at ThriveFuel and to learn about his approach with managing DMS.

Can you tell us a little about ThriveFuel?

ThriveFuel was launched in August of 2018 by myself and a group of team members that worked together for years in South Texas. The writing was on the wall. The organization that we were all working for was doubling down on print and seriously questioning their investments in digital. I believed then that a pure-play digitally focused marketing company could survive – even thrive (pun intended) independently. We were right.

There are so many lanes you can pick with key vertical areas. How are you deciding today what is most important?

We like to focus on segments that still require touch and feel. Automotive and large retail establishments like furniture stores are great examples. While these businesses are being disrupted by e-commerce solutions like Wayfair and Carvana, local stores with available inventory are still dominant. Consumers like to try big ticket items before committing to a purchase or payments. The key for these businesses is removing all friction from the buying experience. This includes having your advertising and marketing campaigns aligned with your in-house sales processes. This is a big miss for a lot of businesses.

How do you think today about creating strategies to align your services portfolio?

We have one question that must be answered: Will this help the client “sell more stuff” and compete with national players? We can’t look for solutions or services that they will simply buy, try for a while, and abandon. What real value are we bringing with a new product or service offering?

Are there trends in digital marketing services that you are seeing right now?

AI is super-hyped but over the next few years, it is going to change everything. Not just buying media, but the way local businesses will need to be there for their own customers and audiences 24-7, and meeting their own clients growing expectations.

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