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ppi Media US

What services does your company provide?

ppi Media develops highly efficient publishing solutions and services for media companies. The owner managed company  was founded in 1984 and has become  as today the leading workflow specialist for automated newspaper production. Media companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa rely on our solutions in their daily work and use them in the planning, production, and editorial workflows of their digital and print products. Editorial offices work more effectively with the transparent omnichannel production workflow and benefit from reliable and sustainable solutions engineered in Germany.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

ppi Media has created special offers to support our clients in these challenging days. Customers will receive free licenses for our e-paper solution until the end of the corona crisis to ensure digital distribution options for newspapers. Furthermore, new customers get 6 months of tohoop licenses for free. tohoop easily creates high quality PDFs and printed materials from digital content. Only branding and implementation services will be charged. Just fill out the form below and we will get in touch. https://tohoop.de/en/combine-digital-and-print/

What makes your company unique?

ppi Media’s Enterprise Publishing Workflow System provides the highest level of automation and the most efficient implementation with an ROI-driven architecture for media companies.

Our clients vouch for us: The biggest benefits to their organizations have been increasing throughput, minimizing costs and maximizing flexibility which allows smaller high efficiency teams to manage planning, production, and reporting. ppi Media’s enterprise publishing workflow system provides the highest level of automation and streamlining for your workflows in the industry.

“For us, the ppi Media system delivered a complete end-to-end workflow that has met our needs by allowing us to consolidate our workflows, improve our business continuity, and increase our overall efficiency and productivity.” – Advance Local Prepress and Technology Leadership

Tom  Reinacher