Publishers of color are essential to a thriving local community in which diverse perspectives are uplifted, and Black and Brown people — often excluded by other media — have a platform to be seen and heard. These local media organizations explain the lived experiences of Black, Latinx, Asian, and other marginalized people, truly giving a voice to voiceless.

With data showing people of color are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, this mission has never been more important.

Through the COVID-19 Local News Fund, you can support publishers of color, whose news teams are working daily to produce local pandemic coverage. The COVID-19 Local News Fund is a program administered by the 501(c)(3) Local Media Foundation with a purpose to increase coverage of COVID-19 issues in local communities.

These publishers are asking for support to extend and sustain pandemic reporting as they continue to provide essential local news and information. Many have already begun to use the funds to provide new products and coronavirus content for readers.

The AFRO | Maryland

From its earliest years, The AFRO has been a strong force for racial equality and equal opportunity, as well as a force for economic and social advancement of Blacks in America. Today, it continues its mission with insightful coverage of current events and major social trends.

Supporter David Love told The AFRO team, “In the absence of an inclusive environment, the quality of journalism suffers. Certain stories are simply not reported, or are told without the nuance or perspective the circumstances require. The black press has filled that void for generations. And with the advent of digital platforms, a baton has been passed to black millennial writers to continue presenting narratives, with underrepresented points of views, that would otherwise go missing … ”

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AL DIA News Media | Pennsylvania 

AL DÍA was founded by entrepreneurial journalists in 1994 and offers readers a unique perspective in the midst of the cluttered media landscape and stereotypical representation of Americans of Latino descent. It publishes a unique news website available in English and Spanish, a trendsetting dual language magazine, and ground-breaking English-language events on business, politics and culture, among other ambitious content initiatives.

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The Atlanta Voice | Georgia

For nearly 55 years, The Atlanta Voice has boldly covered those issues that have affected the African American community, and has always been freely distributed so that all people have access to the news and information that affects their lives.

Since the pandemic, The Atlanta Voice has reported on the recovery of local Atlanta community members as well as the essential need for grocery access in local communities.

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Baltimore Times | Maryland 

Founded in 1986, The Baltimore Times publishes weekly papers directed at Maryland’s African American community. It focuses on local news and community events. The Baltimore Times motto is “positive stories about positive people.”

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Black Voice News | California 

As a newspaper that publishes in the spirit of the Black Press, the Black Voice News has given voice to the voiceless and shined a light on systemic inequities and disparities since 1972.

Supporters Chery and Hardy Brown said, “Thank you for carrying on the work of Cornish and Russwurm and the first Black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal in 1827, and Marvin Minter who worked at the Pittsburgh Courier in the 1950s.”

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Carolina Panorama | South Carolina 

Carolina Panorama was established in 1986 by Nathaniel Abraham, Sr. The newspaper has proudly focused on bringing to its readers community news and profiles of people that were not covered by other media outlets. The Carolina Panorama newspaper is now in its second generation, and run by Nathaniel Abraham Jr.

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The Charlotte Post Newspaper | North Carolina

Minority-owned and operated, The Charlotte Post Publishing Company, Inc. has served as a dominant force in educating, empowering and enlightening African-American communities throughout an eight-county coverage area in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina since 1878.

Since the pandemic, The Charlotte Post has reported on the impacts of changing to stay-at-home orders, and the prevalence of local scams related to COVID-19.

Supporter Moira Quinn commented, “Diverse voices matter. Thanks for your solid views and reporting.”

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The Dallas Weekly | Texas

Continuously published for more than 65 years, the Dallas Weekly has emerged as the leading most trusted voice of the African American community in North Texas. Over the last six decades, the Dallas Weekly has been at the epicenter of all things African American in one of the fastest-growing areas of the country, evolving into a diverse, dynamic, strategically-minded enterprise that attracts people of all walks of life.

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Daytona Times | Florida

For 41 years, the Daytona Times has been East Central Florida’s Black Voice, keeping residents informed on issues and events that affect and enhance the quality of life of African Americans in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.

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The Defender | Texas

For 90 years, the Defender has served as the leading source for Black news and information in Houston, Texas, providing local and national news, sports, entertainment, business, opinion, lifestyle and community events related to African-Americans.

Throughout the pandemic, the news team has covered essential information including testing sites, the protests during COVID, as well as the personal impact and adaptations of people of faith. So far, the paper has raised more than $100,000 to support coverage.

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El Planeta | Massachusetts 

El Planeta is a Boston-based Spanish language newspaper serving the Hispanic community of New England. It is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in New England.

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El Tiempo Latino | Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1991, El Tiempo Latino is a Spanish-language free-circulation weekly newspaper published in Washington, D.C.

Supporter Haydee Borges wrote with their donation, “Gracias a El Tiempo Latino por su continua misión y esfuerzo por mantenernos informados, y más durante esta crisis. ETL es un periódico que logra unirnos como comunidad, y eso vale mucho en estos tiempos.”

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Florida Courier | Florida

Since 2006, the Florida Courier has shone a journalistic light on the people, places and things of interest primarily to Black Floridians. With distribution of hard copies in predominantly African American communities in every major city in Florida, it is the state’s largest single Black-owned media outlet.

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IE Voice | California

Also owned by Black Voice News, IE Voice has raised awareness on issues ranging from politics and public policy to poverty, from disparities in education to the quest for full employment, from police violence and gang violence to visions of brotherhood and hope for a better tomorrow, and beyond.

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Khasokhas | New York

Khasokhas covers the Nepali community in the United States and specifically Queens, New York, and the surrounding area, providing news and vital pandemic information in the Nepali language.

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New York Amsterdam News | New York 

For more than 110 years, the New York Amsterdam News has reported for and chronicled the life of Blacks in New York and become one of the most important and influential Black-owned and -operated media businesses in the nation.

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Nuestro Estado | South Carolina 

Nuestro Estado is a local Spanish online news outlet serving the Spanish speaking community across the state of South Carolina.

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The Oklahoma Eagle | Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Eagle is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based media company that disseminates news and information, a stout advocate for the African American community, and those that champion equity for approximately 100 years.

Recently featured the LA Times for its coverage of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, the paper has endured a century-long journey of shared struggles and triumphs for human rights, civic equality, economic enfranchisement, and judicial reform.

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The Seattle Medium | Washington 

For over 50 years, The Seattle Medium newspaper has served the Seattle community by keeping them informed on issues and events that affect and enhance the quality of life of the African American, underserved, minority and other disenfranchised communities in the Pacific Northwest.

During the pandemic, The Seattle Medium has reported on Black philanthropic efforts and supporting local families, and more. Within its first week, The Seattle Medium raised more than $10,000, with comments like this from supporters Jacob Collins and Searetha Smith-Collins.

“The Black press is so essential today because the changing times have created a void in communicating the true feelings, hopes, and thinking of African Americans as a collective. Once again, as African Americans, there is a void for consideration of our needs during this COVID-19 pandemic. The Seattle Medium has been fearless in providing information, news, and help when needed, and we are happy to support this effort.”

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The St. Louis American | Missouri

Published continuously since 1928, The St. Louis American newspaper has emerged as the leading, most-trusted voice of the area’s African-American community, Moreover, a major multi-platform media entity, and the single largest weekly newspaper in the entire state of Missouri. The American provides a unique, well-respected forum that gives African Americans a credible voice. Readers see themselves and their stories, interests, achievements and concerns addressed.

Since the onset of COVID-19, the American has reported on hospitalizations including how local black children are affected at a higher rate by the virus than white children.

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The Triangle Tribune | North Carolina

Also owned by The Charlotte Post Publishing Company, The Triangle Tribune is a trusted media resource and positioned as a leading provider of diversified news, information, and entertainment from a Black Perspective.

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Vision Hispania Newspaper | California 

Vision Hispania publishes important and inspiring stories for the San Franciso Bay Area Hispanic communities and beyond.

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See the full list of participating publishers in the COVID-19 Local News Fund.