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Borrell Associates

What services does your company provide?

We provide access to market advertising data, an annual subscription to our regular insights, and consulting services. One question we ask prospective clients is, how much does your sales staff really know about advertising and marketing expenditures in your market? Borrell delivers the deepest and most comprehensive set of data for any local markets, down to the county level.  With more than 2,000 subscribers, Borrell’s Compass (www.adspending.com) helps media companies uncover large pockets of money they didn’t know existed in their market. Borrell also produces media industry-related advertising reports, offers revenue benchmarking for local digital operations, delivers presentations to companies and trade associations, and provides consulting services. The company’s work focuses on helping companies understand and capitalize on the evolving media landscape, and to grow revenues exponentially rather than incrementally.

What makes your company unique?

Our clients get very excited when we show them what’s really happening in their markets. There’s far more available revenue, and Borrell is the only company that can track all of it.  No other company provides a holistic view of advertising and marketing expenditures for every market. Borrell also run the nation’s largest survey of advertisers and marketing decision makers within all industries across local U.S. markets each year. We have unparalleled insights on local advertising as a result.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

Yes, Borrell produced a series of webinars and reports on crisis marketing for local businesses, aimed at helping media companies advise their clients.  They can be seen at http://www.borrellassociates.com/crisismarketing.  On July 1, Borrell reissued its 2020 Market-Level Forecasts (www.borrellassociates.com/2020forecast) for every U.S. market across each media channel and business category.  These interactive forecasts are available to Borrell clients as part of their Compass subscription, and available to others for purchase via a detailed, interactive report.

Reports are compiled on demand for any market geography such as TV market, CBSA, individual county, or any collection of counties, cities, and parishes. They include annual spending estimates for:

• 2019 and new forecasts for 2020 and 2021

• 10 types of traditional media (radio, TV, newspaper, outdoor, etc.)

• 7 types of digital advertising (banners, streaming video, SEM, etc.

• 100 types of businesses (furniture stores, car dealers, HVAC, etc.)

• 21 types of promotions (event marketing, games, specialty printing, etc.)

• 4 types of non-ad marketing (ad production, market research, PR, etc.)

“…. We use the Compass Database to plan and build out our Go to Market Strategies….It helps us keep a pulse on our market’s digital revenue opportunities …..and new business growth. We also share this data with our clients, and its helped open doors, build credibility and inform marketing strategies for our clients…..After I shared this report with our Sales Department and highlighted our opportunity within Furniture, Banks/Financial Services and Automotive Sales, we immediately started winning digital business in these categories…”

Jim Brown