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Innocode Inc.

What services does your company provide?

Innocode, based in Oslo, Norway and Palo Alto, California, makes hyperlocal content scalable and profitable. We enable local media companies to regain lost positions as community information hubs by leveraging social media and other local information sources, all personalized for the individual user. Established in 2010, clients include Norway’s three largest newspaper publishers and a growing number of large and small North American local media companies.

What makes your company unique?

Our ability to make community-generated news and information relevant, profitable and scalable at the individual and neighborhood level.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

In the current crisis we have seen a rapidly growing number of advertisers use Innocode Local Offers to update their customers on things like opening hours, home delivery options etc., and the tool works great for this! An LMA media member can easily offer it as a public service to local government, businesses and organizations, enabling them to instantly reach the community through the extensive reach of their local media company. We are currently offering Local Offers/Shop Local at 50 percent off to LMA media members.

They did a lot of training and helped us with best practices. We now have a number of clients using ShopLocal on a regular basis.

Steinar Bjornsen