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What services does your company provide?

Modulist is a media services company specializing in the processing of user-generated paid content submissions for media, among other media services. Our tagline is “Publish life’s stories” because we help media publish stories about the lives of the people in their community. We do that by providing a world-class, convenient five-step online portal to submit paid content, such as obituaries, announcements, and other milestones directly to multiple media outlets with a single transaction.

What makes your company unique?

Our experienced and knowledgeable employees and our company’s focus on maintaining long-term partnerships with local media outlets help position our partners for the future by decreasing production costs and increasing revenue in integral content categories.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

We are offering onboarding for free for media interested in the basic package. We want to support the local media companies by helping reduce their production costs and increase revenue in these vital paid content verticals.

Now that I’ve been a part of (Modulist) for five months, I wouldn’t give that service up. It works very easily. Modulist verifies the death notices and the obits. It is very easy to work with. Now that I have that service, I would not give it up. The funeral homes that I have talked to, and worked with, love Modulist. In fact, when we took over the Stevens County Times, they came out and asked if we were going to keep Modulist. They like the access it gives them to put obits in multiple other publications. We set the prices; not Modulist. But it does not cost you anything.

Devlyn Brooks