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What services does your company provide?

SmartNews is a free news discovery app.  Every day, we help millions of users discover content they love from sources they might not otherwise find.  We do this by leveraging technology to make quality information accessible to all.

What makes your company unique?

We are a machine learning company. News should be impartial, trending and trustworthy. Our algorithms evaluate millions of articles, social signals and human interactions to deliver the top stories that matter most, right now. We believe in content. News should be sustainable. We support quality journalism and provide publishers with new audiences and revenue streams.

As our VP of Content, Rich Jaraslovsky, noted in Nieman Lab, “If the publisher ecosystem is healthy, then SmartNews is healthy.”

“We saw an immediate increase in traffic across all our brands after coming on as a hosted partner. Some of our sites have more than doubled their reach on SmartNews. Our breaking-news coverage and original journalism in the music and entertainment space have been a great fit.”

Jodi Donner
Partner Relations