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The benefits of branded content

If branded content isn’t already a part of your advertising strategy but you’re curious about expanding, let us convince you why you should embrace it today. It’s a powerful way to combine what publishers and local newsrooms do best: storytelling and helping businesses grow.  


Alan Blackburn, director of local sales for KSL-TV, explains that the enormous opportunity that KSL has seen with branded content initiatives can be tied back to aligning with what audiences are looking for.

“It’s content that people want and they’re interested in it, and then you can do it very affordably,” Blackburn said

Newsrooms large and small are facing challenges as they grapple with ratings, declining revenue and readership. Creativity is needed to get the money that’s out there to benefit our communities, economy and local media.  


Lenore Howze, director of advertising for The AFRO American, sees the true benefits for their advertisers.

“The reason why branded content appealed to The AFRO, particularly in this climate, was because we recognized that our business partners, our advertisers, were looking to do more than just run an ad,” Howze said. 

While traditional advertising still serves its purpose, we must look for ways to ensure consumers will take pause and make a connection with a brand. Advertisers benefit because they put out great content that educates and informs their audience, building trust and loyalty among customers. 

Publishers benefit from the additional revenue and relationship that’s been built.  

Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb, president of Lamb Consulting, is enthusiastic about the opportunities opened up through branded content. 

“It gives you access to niches that you don’t normally have access to,” Lamb said. “Rather than just go to the advertising budget, now you have access to the PR budget you also have access to the cost marketing budget. Do not assume that certain companies are interested in getting involved with you. Think outside the box because there is a lot of money out there.

“Branded content is the perfect vehicle to ‘educate, inform and engage,’ or stated another way, it is the ideal opportunity for a ‘teaching moment’ for our readers,” Lamb said.

Lamb also shares why using content for clients is so powerful and effective.

“Branded content is our competitive advantage. When you combine church and state in your typical media organization, you get the very best of both worlds — the communication skills of the editorial folks, and the creativity of the advertising side of the business,” he said. “And branded content allows you to attract categories of business that we are unaccustomed to getting. Making riches from niches … yeah!”

Our advice to you: don’t overlook branded content as a vital source of revenue with huge growth potential. When done well, it’s effective and draws high brand awareness.

Still wondering what the heck branded content is? Watch the video below to understand the definition and the potential.

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