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iPublish Media Solutions

What services does your company provide?

iPublish Media is the industry leader in self-service and call center advertising automation. We currently work with hundreds of publishers every day to process thousands of print, digital, and social media advertising campaigns. Our platform is white labeled and easy to use, providing the performance and versatility to create and sell any print, digital, or social advertising campaign, for any product or platform, 24/7/365.  You don’t have to be a graphic artist or media expert to create and launch robust, feature-rich campaigns.  Ou platforms include Obituaries, Real Estate, Classified/Marketplace, Local Retail/SMB, Celebrations, and Automotive.  We integrate with both your front end system and any data feeds such as MLS to create the optimal self-service experience, reducing your cost of sale and dramatically decreasing the cost of sale.

What makes your company unique?

From a technology point of view, it is our Adobe InDesign license combined with our rich media server.  It allows us to create ANY SIZE print ad – from publications to postcards. We’re way beyond liners and semi-display.  Also, we stay on top of tech trends so that media companies can focus on SELLING, not worrying if the ads they submit meet Facebook requirements.  We already handled that for them. And the software works.  Period.

From a customer service point of view, we get significant praise for our Project Management Team.  They are multi-year newspaper and iPublish professionals who have deployed hundreds of iPublish AdPortals.   Additionally, our help desk is run 24/7/365 by our project managers, our engineers, and even our CEO!  When you have a support issue, someone who works with AdPortal every day – may for more than 10 years, they resolve the few problems that do arise incredibly fast.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

iPublish Media Solutions is working one-on-one with each of our media partners to adapt to changes brought about from COVID19.  From helping The Press Democrat reconfigure real estate to keep the revenue without the open houses, to helping The Day stand-up a self-service graduations ad portal in less than a week, we have answered the call of every customer.

“One of the key benefits of working with iPublish Media Solutions is their ability to be nimble and quickly react to changing market conditions and needs.”


Brian Gorman
Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder