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What services does your company provide?

Poool helps legacy and digital native publishers maximize their reader revenue potential.

Based on engagement metrics Poool powers easy-to-build personalized reader journeys.

This dynamic paywall solution supports subscriptions but also memberships, surveys & lead generation tactics.

What makes your company unique?

Marketing tech entered a disillusionment phase after a peak of inflated expectations. Lots of solutions have proven to be high maintenance, opaque, rigid and not user-friendly.

We believe that marketers need autonomy to design &  test optimal compensation journeys.

This should be the only focus.

Our solution is:

SIMPLE : ease of use by marketers and ease of implementation by developers

FLEXIBLE:  ability to customize journeys, widget design & messaging as well as segmentation

OPEN: we interface with your tech stack

“The simplicity of the product give us the agility needed to quickly test the profit of pushing personalized scenarios to the different segments of our audience. The integration of this tool into our internal DMP has enabled us to optimize our customer journey for our various goals. From the most volatile readers, to enrich our customer knowledge (“Datawall” logic), to the most regular and fans in order to boost our conversions into satisfied subscribers. We highly recommend the expertise and support of Poool team.”


Stephanie Pere
Chief Revenue Officer