(February 24, 2021) — Amplify Ohio, the fifth industry collaborative launched by LMA in the last 10 months, is very different from the others. For starters, it is much smaller, with just three publishers. It is solely focused on Black and LGBTQ communities in Ohio. And it has just two goals to start: journalism focused on health disparities, and a contribution portal/marketing strategy for all three publishers using a common technology stack.

Leaders from the publications in the group — Black Girl Media, ColumbusBlack and The Buckeye Flame — joined LMA Chief Executive Officer Nancy Lane this week on a podcast hosted by Mike Blinder from Editor & Publisher to share more about their work and goals. Check out the podcast here.

“This is a special group of publishers who are committed to collaboration,” Lane said. “Their passion for journalism combined with their desire for business sustainability will lead to success. A big thank you to Mike Blinder for featuring this group on his podcast. We hope that many in the industry will check it out.”

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