What services does your company provide?

Column is the first collaborative public notice platform for newspapers to manage their public and legal notice business. Publishers across the country utilize Column to deliver a modern customer experience for local governments, legal services, and various private parties required to publish notices. Column’s platform equips newspapers and their customers with modern order entry tools, one-click payment, a digital affidavit system, automated order updates, sophisticated online notice search pages, and more.

Column is a public benefit corporation founded by Jake Seaton, the fifth generation of a local newspaper family based in Kansas. Column’s public notice software is utilized by hundreds of local newspapers across the country, as well as by major publishers like Ogden Newspapers, Wick Communications, The Washington Post, and more. Learn more about Column by visiting www.column.us.

What makes your company unique?

Column’s platform delivers an unmatched customer experience for the parties responsible for placing notices (local gov’ts, legal services, etc). With tools like centralized order dashboards, digital affidavit storage, and automated status updates, publishers using Column can provide their customers a modern public notice experience. Column is developing first-of-its-kind tools to enhance the placement process by local governments, legal services, and anyone who needs to submit a public notice with their local paper.

In addition to the vital role of print notices, Column is expanding what is possible for online display of notices — providing structure to previously unstructured information like helping publications display geographic information of foreclosure notices on a map or using machine learning to categorize notices by type.

Client Testimonials

“It was really easy to work with Column. When I met with the group out of the gate, they were energized, they were attentive, they were curious about me and our business. It wasn’t a technology company looking for their next signed contract that they needed to push into implementation. And the benefits of using Column were immediate. It was clean, well-organized and made sense.”

— Tommy Hornbeck, Kansas Publishing Ventures

“The process is so simple and complete. Saves me time and is more reliable.” – County Clerk of Mesa, CO “I like the ease of the site. It only takes a couple of minutes to upload my notice, see the proof, and quote! I love it!” – Legal Clerk for Lyon County, KS


Kevin King