Penda Howell, until recently the chief revenue officer for the New York Amsterdam News, has been named an Innovator of the Year by Local Media Association for delivering fantastic results with branded content and email marketing, and experimenting in new and creative ways.

Each year, the Local Media Revenue/Strategy Innovator of the Year award recognizes local media executives who pioneer new concepts, experiment in new and creative ways, and deliver impactful results for their companies.

Howell’s innovative burst into branded content strategy led hundreds of sales reps and dozens of sales teams down the profitable path toward storytelling and sponsorship strategy. Not only did Howell succeed with securing more than $181,500 of new revenue with branded content, but his leadership and willingness to share his story of success has helped generate revenue in markets across the country. 

Howell also led an email marketing campaign that led to thousands of new email newsletter signups as well as print subscriptions. 

Howell continues to help define best practices in the space and gives advice to all other media groups looking for assistance. He doesn’t just lead by example, but takes the time to help every rep and every team get better, faster and stronger.

“Penda embraced content marketing strategies this past year, creating an entirely new line of revenue for New York Amsterdam News. After attending a Branded Content Innovation Mission in New York City, Penda realized the value in content marketing, sponsorship and branded content and began planning strategy,” said Julia Campbell, general manager of The Branded Content Project. “Taking advantage of new branded content resources available, he immediately found success. That success snowballed not just to the Amsterdam News’ own bottom line but to multiple teams across media types. Penda became a branded content cheerleader and led many other teams to revenue wins. His leadership and ability to educate others has pushed the whole industry toward new content strategies and success in branded content.” 

“I am humbled and honored to have been chosen for this award,” Howell said. The branded content concept was first introduced to me by Julia Campbell from the Local Media Association two years ago. Julia and the branded content team helped me wrap my head around this new marketing vehicle for brands looking to deliver a personal consumer experience. I certainly would not be in a position to receive this award without their assistance.  I am grateful for this opportunity. Lastly, it would not have been possible without the support of LMA and The Branded Content Project, and the willingness of the ownership of the Amsterdam News allowing me space to experiment with content marketing strategies and concepts never tried before at the company.”

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