We’re excited to welcome PRConnect to the LMA!   They were the Coffee Sponsor for last week’s Digital Revenue Summit.

For nearly 15 years, PRConnect has been helping publishers generate recurring monthly revenues through the placement of sponsored stories and press releases.    The stories and releases are placed into their own section to keep them apart from newsroom content, but is seamlessly integrated into the local media site to enhance the overall reader experience.

The content itself is SEO-neutral.  PRConnect does not play SEO games — the stories and releases are set up to attract real readers.   In fact, PRConnect has a unique traffic engine that can send thousands of bona fide readers to the articles.   Local newspaper, television and radio outlets can benefit by adding those readers to their website’s monthly unique visitor count.

PRConnect has now streamlined the signup process.  By adding just a single link to their sites, local media publishers can earn an extra $1K – $10K a year.   With a network of 50 sites, publishers can earn at least $50K a year — even if the sites generate just a handful of visitors.

We hear that PRConnect still has a few more Starbucks gift cards to give away.   So send them a note to say hi.  To learn more about their services, please visit the website at https://www.prconnect.com