By Jimshade Chaudhari, SVP of Product at Marketron

The traditional media channels of radio and TV have long been appealing to advertisers because of their substantial reach. Both allow companies to cast a vast net over their significant audiences. According to the Pew Research Center, 83% of Americans ages 12 or older listened to terrestrial radio each week. Linear TV reaches 80% of those 18 and older, according to Nielsen. That same report also noted that consumers spent the most time with this type of media.

These are substantial numbers that lay a solid foundation to reach consumers, but what if you could do even more for your advertisers?

What if you could also make a direct connection with coveted target audiences and demographics? That is the power of third-party digital advertising. It amplifies the impact of the overall campaign and enhances results for your advertisers.

Your advertisers are buying digital, and it should be from you

For the most part, your customers already know that digital can help them get the results they want. So, if you’re not selling it to them, someone else probably is. You’re missing out on an opportunity to meet your customers’ needs, and you’re giving up a share of their ad spend to a competitor. Fortunately, you’re also in a great position to deliver the best of both worlds: hybrid campaigns that offer both the reach of broadcast and the power of digital to connect with small groups of very interested consumers.

You already enjoy a relationship of trust with local advertisers. Now is the time to build on that relationship and begin offering digital advertising tactics that are sure to boost their results. And the most efficient and cost-effective way to build and execute cross-channel ad campaigns is to consolidate all critical tasks and processes into a single platform.

One platform to streamline and optimize

One platform can streamline workflows. It can include proposal building, analytics, invoicing, campaign execution, reporting, and other tasks. You’ll also have the freedom to leverage ad spots and digital ads to their fullest potential. You can analyze and tweak campaigns to achieve better results. As a result, you can increase renewals and realize revenue growth without a significant increase in process or expense.

Imagine signing into one system and using one interface to manage all data from every proposal. How much time and effort could you save with guided proposal generation? Or using a single platform and interface, rather than a variety of siloed systems, to create, execute, and bill airtime advertising along with digital orders? And how about comprehensive, detailed reporting? It’s a game-changer for bringing in the renewals.

With access to popular digital tactics, such as targeted display and video, geofencing, and over-the-top (OTT), you can help advertisers achieve better reach and tighter targeting while maintaining consistent messaging. In addition to leveraging digital’s location, demographic, and interest targeting capabilities, you can deliver transparent performance reporting across devices, locations, and even complete site lists.

Technology and expertise drives advertiser confidence and dollars

Today’s advertisers know that digital makes a difference. Using a platform that simplifies proposing, building, and delivering multichannel campaigns, you can make their entry into integrated advertising a great experience and a profitable one, too. Take advantage of complementary training and resources. You’ll gain the expertise to become a trusted advisor across your advertisers’ broadcast and digital ad spends.