Technology can be an accelerant or a roadblock on the path to sustainability and growth for local media organizations. To help them achieve the best possible outcomes from investments in enabling platforms, Local Media Association plans to launch a Technology Resource Center in early 2022, with support from Google News Initiative.

The LMA Technology Resource Center will assist media organizations of all types and sizes with strategies and consulting aimed at improving selection, implementation, optimization and long-term success of enabling technologies. To lead the Center and its outreach to the industry, LMA plans to hire a managing director at the outset.

“Making decisions about technology platforms can be daunting and risky for media leaders, especially in smaller organizations with limited resources,” said Nancy Lane, LMA chief executive officer. “We hear this often from people in our collaboratives, Digital Club, conferences, and everyday conversations. We want the Center to address this challenge. We’re grateful to Google News Initiative for funding this important industry resource.”

“Technology can be a huge barrier to digital growth for smaller local media organizations,” said Chrissy Towle, head of news, Americas Partnerships Solutions at Google. “That’s why we’re eager to pilot a new support model through our investment in the LMA Technology Resource Center that will provide much-needed support for smaller publishers who will now be able to get immediate help on a wide range of issues. The Center will focus on troubleshooting existing problems as well as helping publishers with growth strategies supported by technology.”

The Center will be built to help in several ways, including:

  • Routine discussions with technology and business leaders at local media organizations of all sizes and types, at corporate and property levels, to develop understanding of technology needs and challenges and find common ground where possible.
  • Developing and sharing a deep understanding of leading platforms, service providers and enabling technologies for local media, including content, distribution, advertising, consumer revenue, customer relationship management and general business platforms.
  • Building and consulting with cohorts of local media organizations, and helping to improve their strategic processes for selecting, implementing and operating key technologies.
  • Producing industry reports on technology best practices and new ideas, as well as conference programming on technology strategies for LMA events.

“This isn’t one-size-fits-all. The LMA Technology Resource Center won’t make direct software choices for local organizations, or put out Top 10 lists of favorite providers,” said Jay Small, LMA chief operating officer. “The Center will be there to help local media leaders learn how to decide for themselves what they need most, organize those needs, find solutions that meet them, and get up and running effectively.”

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