LMA is excited to welcome G-Mana as a new R&D partner. You can learn more about the company through this Q&A with Eran Yahalomi, CEO of G-Mana.

Can you tell us a little bit about G-Mana?

G-Mana provides leading addressable TV & over-the-top (OTT) Dynamic server-side ad insertion monetization (SSAI) solutions for linear, live or video-on-demand (VOD) content. We help the broadcasting and streaming industries create and simplify their content monetizing capabilities.


As we witnessed the “over the air” (OTA) to “over the top” evolution, we saw firsthand how broadcasters struggle to sustain their business as their familiar monetization models were left behind. On the other hand, today’s digital word can provide more targeted, effective and measurable methods for ad-supported content. Our vision is to connect the broadcasting and digital worlds via an innovative approach that simplifies the path to creating and maintaining a sustainable revenue stream.

By connecting to programmatic marketplaces, broadcasters who transform their inventory into “addressable TV” gain access to immense revenue potential – from better price per view to blending direct sold campaigns within a hybrid model. G-Mana has excellent tools that can help them accomplish their new goals.

We work with TV stations, broadcasters, and free ad-supported streaming TV services (FAST) and advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) channels both in U.S. and globally. We collaborate with multiple TV news stations that are major TV station affiliates. In addition, we have partnered with Microsoft; our platform is available on Azure Marketplace and is accessible to broadcasters who utilize Azure Media Services.

What are the current challenges for publishers and broadcasters with OTT & CTV advertising monetization?

For starters, there is a gap between how publishers traditionally manage over the air ad sales and operations, and how things are accomplished in today’s digital landscape. We help publishers bridge this gap.

Another challenge is ad break detection. Many broadcasters find it hard to align OTT ad break scheduling with OTA breaks. We have great tools that can solve this intelligently and in an operational oriented way. Scheduling via black frame detection is just one example.

Regarding VOD templates, broadcasters struggle to maintain efficient VOD monetization across different platforms and environments. G-Mana uses unique VOD templates that can monetize VOD on the fly.

There’s also the challenge of frequency capping and first-look advertisements. SSAI technology has changed the ad system rules, including ad repetition and frequency cap. The tools at our disposal are designed to put the broadcasters back in the driver’s seat so that they can control the entire ad break in an efficient manner.

How do you see the evolution of the addressable TV industry over the next year? Five years?

Advertisers will be demanding advanced abilities, for example customizable targeting that includes targeting via contextual and deterministic data. With more options and more available addressable inventory, advertisers’ ability to reach specific audiences with relevant content will become even stronger.

As for publishers, they will continue to enjoy the countless opportunities offered by digital environments. In this respect, G-Mana enables new ad formats like side-by-side ads/overlays/underlays – which unlock more inventory and unleash new opportunities.

If a company wanted to start utilizing G-Mana’s solutions, where should it begin? What can it expect?

To kick things off, we need two things: an access to the company’s media link and a monetization tag. Once that is accomplished, broadcasters can begin enjoying G-Mana’s demand sources and enhance their monetization.

When partnering with G-Mana, we think our customers can expect effective results that are complemented by operational simplicity. It was important for us to design a plug-and-play solution that our clients could use with maximum ease. Our market experience allowed us to design the solution that we envisioned, which is compatible with all demand platforms and ad exchanges. In fact, our solution is compatible with both Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.

Speaking of ingenious simplicity, we also offer automation tools that automate scheduling and ad break duration prediction. Our tools support legacy systems with intelligent ad break markers and duration prediction, even when no SCTE35 ad break markers are present, or when the duration is unknown.

It is also important to mention our robust support and guidance. Our customers benefit from our team’s full support from the get-go. We’re always there for them, when they need us.