Give me a quick overview of Vidazoo.

We are a video monetization platform focused on high-end video products for publishers. Vidazoo allows publishers to easily create new video monetization placements with tools like the In-Article Video Player, Outstream Video Player, Video Highlights, and more.

What problem does your technology solve?

We help publishers generate higher video ad revenue on their digital assets by running high-engagement video content through video products. 

We enable publishers to increase engagement and monetize their own video content, monetize their youtube feed, or by utilizing syndicated content from our various content partners. Our highlights solution lets publishers recirculate and monetize articles via reels across all pages.

With us, publishers can put their inventory for sale to our demand partners or sync their own buyers to easily generate a high-yielding revenue stream with little effort.

We’re talking about a substantial uplift in programmatic revenues.

What makes you unique in this space?

Our focus is on ensuring that the video player and its content is well integrated into the layout of the website, look appealing and that the content enhances the user’s overall experience. We believe that by providing the user with a good format and relevant content, buyers pay more for premium Ad placements.

Vidazoo was acquired in November 2021 by NASDAQ traded Perion Network for over $100 million.

In addition to our demand connections, our sister concern company, Undertone is an exclusive ad network with a massive network of direct campaigns. That means fewer intermediaries between you and the actual advertisers which translates into a larger percentage of the ad revenue into your own pocket.

Our technology was created completely in-house, giving us the ability to customize however needed. Our technology is lightweight while being high-performing.

Vidazoo is also 100% compliant. We never cut corners or bend the rules in order to ensure that you are always viewed as an above standards publisher. We promote you as a premium publisher and avoid chargebacks and penalties

What is the opportunity for video in the local media space?

Regional publishers have a loyal audience that, if they were presented with more content in a compelling and user-friendly format, would stay on your site longer and generate more time on site and page views. All the major national media companies do it. But not enough local media companies can for a variety of reasons. 

Video content commands significantly higher CPMs. You can keep running your display units, and, by adding the video player,  you have a very easy method to generate additional revenue from your existing audience. You can recirculate your text and video content across articles, show syndicated contextual videos, display your Youtube channel content and sell it via our demand partner network and or directly to your existing demand partners. 

For local media companies with fewer resources than major media companies, it can have a 20-30% lift in revenue for very little effort, and no need for additional staff, tech resources, or sales channel managers.

What are some of the best practices you are seeing in the industry?

Right now, one of the big mistakes that other solutions are committing is putting ad revenue ahead of user experience, by employing sloppy player formats and placing them in a way that makes sites look cheaper and more obtrusive. The publishers that care about their audience and care about retaining them are employing players that enhance the user’s site visit.

Publishers are also realizing that their ad revenue gets diluted via inefficient more generic demand channels. Increasing effective CPMs is as much about curating your demand partnerships as effectively as possible, which requires a more sophisticated Ad Ops and yield management team which can be a major investment for regional publishers.

Using curated yield management partners means selling the ad impression to buyers who have a particular interest in your type of audience as opposed to putting it through the fully automated programmatic meat grinder. 

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