Lenora Howze, executive director of The AFRO of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., has been named an Innovator of the Year by Local Media Association for creating innovative revenue opportunities by embracing and involving business and community leaders in The AFRO’s deep, rich history and future.

Each year, the Local Media Sales and Advertising Innovator of the Year award recognizes local media executives who have showcased innovation, resilience and significant achievements in sales or advertising – with the numbers to back it up.

Howze executes an annual content calendar unveiling that showcases editorial plans for each upcoming year. By inviting the business community to learn from The AFRO’s executive teams and news leaders about the content plans for the year, Howze has secured impressive revenue partnerships for The AFRO. This sneak peek into the content side of the business has strengthened community partnerships on the business side and is a model that can be replicated for every media organization, big or small. 

Howze also played a key role in organizing The AFRO’s 130th Anniversary event. This star-studded affair shows yet another way Lenora can work closely with the community by immersing people and organizations into The AFRO’s legacy.

One of the most impactful achievements by Howze comes from her willingness to share her success with others while educating the industry on sales growth strategies, best practices, and business techniques. Her guidance and great ideas not only create new revenue for The AFRO, but increase revenue at every organization she assists with her knowledge and sales expertise.

“Lenora is an excellent resource for any organization who desires to diversify revenue results.  Her thoughtful approach to sales has fostered excellent results for THE AFRO and I applaud her selection as Innovator of the Year.”

— Robert Walker-Smith, digital revenue director, Knight x LMA BloomLab

“I am sincerely honored to be named an Innovator of the Year by the Local Media Association(LMA).   Having been in media sales for over three decades, I recognize that now more than ever, going to market with unique and innovative ideas is critical to the success of our organization and to the industry as a whole. Thank you to LMA and the other media sales executive members whose collaboration helps to spark creativity and innovation in each of us.”

— Lenora Howze, executive director, The AFRO

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