Over the past decade, audio, more specifically digital audio, has grown rapidly in both consumption and creation. Fueled by mobile phones with unlimited data plans, smart speakers and car audio apps — audio is never out of reach. This at a time when people in 39% of U.S. households report they don’t own a radio.

Podcasts have been the golden child of digital audio. While easy to create and distribute, they have been difficult to monetize and scale for most people. This challenge is very evident at the local media level, with a few exceptions due to smaller market sizes and narrower topics of interest.

This report will introduce the playbook to create meaningful revenue opportunities in digital audio for local media publishers in any size market. It will look at the real numbers behind the digital audio boom that was accelerated by new consumption habits during the pandemic. 

We will demystify the digital audio business models and technology stacks known only to the most savvy audio companies.

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