Ed is the Founder and CEO of Summari, an AI-technology company focused on summarizing text, audio and video content.

  1. Tell us a little bit about what Summari does. 

Summari uses the latest advancements in AI and natural language processing to summarize and extract key ideas from any type of content.

Summari offers a useful suite of products specifically geared toward publishers:

  • For editorial content, Link Previews upgrade hyperlinks into engaging and informative previews of the linked content, transforming existing articles to be more engaging and improving SEO metrics.
  • Publishers use Summari’s Editorial Short Summary pipeline to instantly generate 3-bullet highlights of articles, which are used as an executive summary.
  • The Multi-Document pipeline identifies common themes from user-generated content (e.g. comments, reviews, etc.). Publishers use this pipeline to identify insights and key themes from their readers.

We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality summarization outputs on the market that balance accuracy, concision, and information while maximizing utility for the end user. We’re excited about working with and delivering a great product for publishers of any size.

  1. What opportunities does AI present for local media companies? 

AI presents an exciting opportunity for local media companies to level up their content strategy. While it will always be important that humans write high-quality editorial content, AI will enable new reader experiences and the ability to consume more with less time. To start, AI can help you discover insights about your audience, like instantly synthesizing what thousands of users think about your content so that you can better understand and serve their needs. Better understanding your reader is invaluable and will help you reach a broader audience if you can understand what is driving them to your site. More targeted and useful content creates a more fulfilled reader, translating into SEO metric improvements. 

With the excitement about AI building, local media companies can use trustworthy products like Summari to improve the reader experience without needing to be experts in AI or coding. 

Summari’s products leverage the best of AI to make life easier for media companies. Link Previews wouldn’t be doable without AI because it would be too expensive and time-consuming to summarize all those links. Synthesizing user comments would take human hours to complete, but it takes AI just seconds, giving publishers better insight into their readers. Generating key ideas and pitches can be time-consuming for writers, but it can be done automatically with AI. 

  1. How can Summari’s products help local media companies leverage AI? 

Link Previews uses AI to generate short, three-bullet previews of linked content that users can read by hovering on the link, similar to Wikipedia’s product experience. While AI is the enabling technology, this product is rooted in creating an improved reader experience.

With Previews, users can hover over hyperlinks to get the information they need from the source. They spend more time reading your content and less time clicking away to get additional context, reducing bounce rate. When users hover over links that lead to your content, they can read an enticing preview, which encourages them to read more on your site and increase the number of pages they read per session. Depending on the type of content, users who read previews spend over 100% more time on page. In a world of generic SEO advice, Link Previews are a tangible solution that have an immediate impact.

Summari also offers an API for publishers looking for summarization solutions. Content writers can use the API to cut their workload dramatically by decreasing the amount of time needed to research and synthesize information. They can use our API to get a short, 3-5 sentence summary of editorial content or a detailed summary, which contains a list of bullet points that capture the content’s most important details. 

Local media companies can also use our API to summarize transcripts, which will provide readers with a synthesis of the most useful information from user reviews, customer support threads, meetings, videos, and podcasts. 

  1. How has Summari made a tangible impact on local media companies?

Summari has worked with partners to come up with personalized solutions for publishers. For example, the popular technology blog KnowTechie partnered with Summari to adopt Link Previews to keep the length of their articles concise and deliver more information to readers. KnowTechie keeps their articles at or under 1,000 words because they have found that their readers want short, helpful articles about the most relevant technology news. Previews allow KnowTechie to keep its word count low and deliver more information to readers. After implementing Previews, Google Analytics showed a 15% decrease in bounce rate. In addition, previews drove a 20% increase in time on the page when the product was A/B tested. For KnowTechie, their readers spending more time on the page meant they had more ad impressions and higher revenue. 

Summari also partnered with the CEO of Dentistry Brands, Joel Borchardt. Borchardt oversees a group of digital properties that specialize in medical and lifestyle-related content. In order to be a leader in the SEO world, he adopted Link Previews to help him deliver more useful content for his clients and monetize traffic via affiliate revenue, lead generation, and advertising. Like KnowTechie, he found that the enhanced reader experience and instant boost in SEO metrics made Previews well worth it. 

  1. What makes Summari unique?

Knowing that readers can trust the information they read on a page is paramount for anyone who writes content. While it’s easy to be wowed by AI, it’s also easy to be deceived. That’s why Summari developed a quality control system that ensures summaries are accurate and deliver relevant information to readers in a quick and easy-to-read format. This post-processing engine identifies and corrects errors, ensuring that our summaries are trustworthy and of the highest quality.

  1. How can media companies take advantage of what Summari offers?

Summari is committed to using our technology to help local media publishers better satisfy their audiences, find new audiences, and capture their readers’ attention. Link Previews is an out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented in less than an hour. Summari also works with publishers on bespoke solutions that are tailored to their specific needs- from synthesizing editorial content to summarizing comments on articles to extracting key ideas from audio or video transcripts. AI empowers local media companies by allowing them to spend less time focusing on how to get their content out there and more time on the quality of their content. 

The beauty of trustworthy AI products that Summari builds is that companies can implement cutting-edge technology with enthusiasm and with the knowledge that their content will remain accurate. These tools help improve SEO metrics, and save precious time, with little to no effort from your team. 

Local Media Association members can schedule a meeting to learn more about the product by emailing Sales@summari.com. Summari is offering the first three months for free for LMA members. Please let us know how we can help you adopt AI to revolutionize your content strategy!

-Ed Shrager, CEO and founder of Summari,