LMA sat down with Bryce Anderson, Head of Revenue at Lightswitch to talk about the company, what won them an Emmy and more!

Bryce grew up in Iowa, attended the University of Iowa and has worked in media sales for nearly a decade. He tried out both coasts and the mountains before settling down in Chicago – his true love. His interests include movies, Frasier, being correct, and obsessively tracking packages.He lives with his lovely wife, 2 rambunctious young redheaded children, and an old dog.

Tell us a little bit about what Lightswitch Video does. What problem does your company solve for a local media company?

Lightswitch is a full scale production company, with crews on-location in all 50 states. We provide local media companies a scalable, nationwide, advertising and content production solution. We give you an award winning video production, content, and sales solution with the flip of a switch. 

What makes Lightswitch Video unique?

Lightswitch focuses on scalability, simplicity and service. Our resources span the globe, which means we can service media clients no matter the location. Whether you need one short piece for OTT, a sponsored content series, or a multi-faceted ad campaign. 

We simplify and demystify the production process for our partners. Not everyone can be a video expert, we believe that should not stop you from providing expert quality production services. 

Finally we strive to be genuinely enjoyable to work with. We don’t succeed unless our partners do so every spare bit of effort we have is devoted to providing outstanding customer service,What opportunities exist for local media companies around video?

This is the most opportune time for a local media company to get involved in video. We are in the midst of a dramatic transformation of where viewers watch shows, how shows are monetized and how expensive content is to produce. In prior years if you weren’t on TV you were out of luck. Today if you have the skills, the persistence, a camera and access to the internet you can gain an audience. TV shows are no longer locked to TV channels – the best show will win, not the best channel. All media outlets with an audience and an idea should be producing video content.

You all won an Emmy lately! Congratulations! Tell us more about that project.

Thank you! Our winning video was part of a series we produced for The Advocate in New Orleans called “Mardi Gras for All Y’All.” In late 2020, Mardi Gras 2021 was canceled due to Covid.

The Advocate said “You can’t just cancel Mardi Gras. It’s like Christmas, it happens regardless.” So they brought us on to produce a virtual Mardi Gras to entice people to come to New Orleans when the pandemic restrictions were lifted.

We had about 3 months to put it all together, but along with their amazing team we were able to produce 3 action packed shows featuring music, food, history, krewes, and everything Mardi Gras is known for. 

The virtual show was seen by over 1.6 million people and won quite a few Telly’s. We’ve had a strong partnership with The Advocate ever since.

If you’d like to learn more about how we pulled it off, and how to lean on one initial project to create lasting video success, register for the webinar on Oct 11. Mardi Gras for All Y’all 2022: Parade Tips

What do you project for local media companies over the next couple years around video?

There will be winners and losers. The ones that win will pay attention to their community and audience. They will create content that is informative, entertaining and built with integrity. The ad dollars need to come second. If the content is good – the audience will find it. We’re in a time where TV is online, HBO is Max, and stars are made on YouTube. The chairs are being rearranged and a few content focused brands will be on top when the dust settles.  Now’s the time to get started.

REMINDER: October 11 Lightswitch will be hosting a webinar about The Advocate Mardi Gras for Y’all project. Register now.