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Thursday, Nov. 16 | 12:00 PM EST

This webinar is designed for media organizations seeking to foster innovation, accelerate digital transformation and build recurring revenue with local advertisers.

You’ll gain data-driven insights on:

  • How to be ahead of media industry evolution and disruption
  • Digital platforms’ dominance and their pivotal role in brand discovery
  • Rapid growth in online ad spend and digital strategies to remain competitive
  • Importance of embracing the change at all levels of your media organization

Presented by Desiree Kupietz, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Vendasta


If you are a LMIA member, please email Lindsey.Estes@localmedia.org for your copy of the most recent LMIA report that dives deep into this topic.

If you are not a LMIA member, you can purchase the report here.