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Wednesday, Feb. 16th | 3:00 PM EST

Viewers are flocking to streaming TV but many publishers do not have an integrated CTV strategy. Traditional linear broadcast viewership is shrinking with cord cutters and cord nevers. By 2022, 55.1% of Americans will have cut the cord. Major television networks are going direct to the consumer leaving broadcasters with new challenges for growth. Although many broadcasters have a web presence, their digital strategy lacks integration with CTV/OTT.

This webinar will provide insights and trends on the dynamically changing television industry. We will review solutions and platforms that are available today for broadcasters to expand into the connected TV universe. These integrated CTV/OTT solutions will make it easier for viewers to consume your content on connected TVs, provide discovery to gain new users, and expand your “availability” broadcast footprint – and where there are new eyeballs, the ad dollars will follow! We’ll discuss these trends in CTV ad spending too.

This webinar is sponsored by DistroScale