Penny Riordan

Since joining LMA in March 2021, one of my favorite projects has been hosting our Local Media Association Digital Club. I was a member back when the club started in 2017, and now I have the privilege of helping club members grow their industry knowledge and learn new things.

If you’re a product manager, director of revenue, sales leader, digital editor, digital director, or serve in another mid-senior-level role at a media company, here’s why you should join:

1. Access to knowledge about strategy and products via our email list

Our Digital Club email list is like that secret Slack networking channel you found out about before the entire industry did. Have a question about what it’s like to work with a service provider? Seeking advice on job descriptions? Is your website traffic down, and you’re not sure if that’s happening elsewhere? This group email list, available only for club members, is the place to ask. Everything communicated via this list is kept within the group, so this is a place for you to share freely and ask questions.

2. Receive training from industry leaders and knowledge experts that you wouldn’t have time or the budget to learn from otherwise

We program our twice-monthly calls with a busy manager in mind. If you’ve wanted a crash course on the most effective tactics for improving SEO, we hosted a call with SEO managers who shared a ton of resources. We’ve had knowledge experts like Dan Oshinsky talk about newsletters and Michael Beach share about the state of video advertising. If there’s ever a topic you’d like to hear more about, all you have to do is ask, and we will program it!

3. Get plugged into the LMA ecosystem and find out first about new programs, contests, and events.

LMA is intensely focused on reinventing business models for news. Club members receive advance notice for upcoming events, conferences, contests, and other training opportunities across the industry. If you don’t have time to keep up with everything that’s going on, we’re here to help you keep up.

4. Get up to speed on emerging trends.

When NFTs exploded in the digital world in February 2021, our team put together a call on the topic within a few weeks. When the newest version of ChatGPT was released, we hosted one of our most popular calls ever in March 2023 with industry experts. Think of us as your research team when your boss asks you, “what’s going on with this?”

5. Share real-world business challenges confidentially with a network of your peers.

We’ve all had a problem at work that we just can’t figure out. Or we’re asked to pivot to a new strategy and we’re not quite sure how. That’s what this club is for! We’re here to create a space where knowledge is give and take.

Ready to join? Submit your application here. The Digital Club is $139 a month per person, payable by credit card. Your company does not have to be an LMA member for you to join Digital Club.